Debbie K's Photos

Watershed Cafe with Debbie, Jim and Glen ....
a full house and a great time!

Our Savior Lutheran Church
Women's Renewal Event

Living Springs Community Church women's event
Harvest Chapel's "Christmas Cafe" Mother & Daughter singing together.
Debbie K and daughter, Haley Rae
Women's Event Grace Bible Church     Shorewood, IL
Debbie K's Promo Pictures
StonesThrow Benefit Concerts for "Katrina's Babies and Moms"

StonesThrow pictures and shows
Meet my Family!  My husband Tim and the kids,
Noah, Haley and Dylan.  My family  has been a true inspiration to me.
So have all of you.  Thanks for all your support and prayers.  
Misc. photos of some of the wonderful people I have worked with through the years.
Coffee Break - Munster Christian Reformed Church
Freedom Rally / Concert
Tea Party Express photo highlights
10,000 in attendance / Commons Bandshell, New Lenox, IL
Gov. Mike Huckabee joins Debbie K and Freedom Band on Bass guitar

ROSEMONT CROWN PLAZA with Col. Oliver North
Glenn Beck w Band