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Mother  Daughter Duet - Worship and Special Music

This inspirational study dives into a patriarch’s story of faith.  It's an incredible story of divine revelation from our living God.  Noah was given an impossible task by a possible God.   He was righteous, obedient, patient and used by God in a dramatic way.   Noah’s story is an inspiration to us today!  God will ask us to do mighty things in His name.  He will impart faith, carry us through the storms and show us our rainbow.  This life application study will encourage you to pray for your divine plan, listen for His instructions and be faithful to the calling.   Then watch for your rainbow!  
About the song  “Noah’s Rainbow” is a beautiful moving ballad about God’s peace in the midst of the storm. The song’s message encourages us to draw closer to God in the midst of the rain.  God will guide us, protect us and provide the strength through the hard times.  He has promised each of us a rainbow.  Hold on as He faithfully carries you through it all.
Debbie & Haley 
Noah’s Rainbow~ A life directed by faith 

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Joechebed  -  A woman’s extrodinary journey
Jochebed learned how to deal with a crisis by faith, courage and wisdom. This life-application Bible study will take a look at a Biblical female patriarch whose story is truly miraculous.  Her son Moses delivered the Isrealists out of captivity and is one of the most remarkable phrophets of all time. It’s an amazing story of how a mother's obedience allowed her Hebrew boy to become a Prince in Pharaoh’s palace and then delivered God’s people out of captivity.  His mother's story is laided with one miracle after another.  Jochebed was an intricale part of his story and history’s course.  As we study Jochebed's life we will be encouarged in our own journey as mothers, women and christians.  We will learn to rely on God's divine faith as He speaks to us and guides us each step of the way. Amazing!
M.A.D.E. (Mother And Daughter Event)
Moms and daughters will gather together for an inspirational faith-based study that will encourage them to see how God made them with a divine purpose and plan.  There will be a mother/daughter building time, Bible study, music, games, crafts and topical discussion.

We will cover topics like:• God made you special and unique• God wonderfully made you in your mother’s womb• You were made with a divine purpose • You and Mom were made to be together • You were made to impact your generation  • And you know what? You’ve got it made! 

A special time to make some beautiful memories and encourage our daughters in their faith and future. Moms and Tween Girls 7-12