Debbie K

Music Artist

Hi, Welcome to my Music Journey!

"I am so thankful that God divinely placed me in a Christian home where the bible and music became my foundation.  From an early age, He wove ministry and music into my life. My prayer is to touch people through His music, His word, and His love”
-Debbie K.


Debbie has performed at various conferences, festivals, churches, banquets, fundraisers and live shows.  She has had the honor of sharing her talents at events that have...
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Debbie Haley​ 
Debbie and her daughter Haley share their inspirational music with songs that bring a bit of sunshine and hope to the heart. Together they sing at various events and focus on life moments, moms, daughters and relationships...
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Debbie K's music is a rich blend of acoustic pop featuring powerful vocals and moving  lyrics. Debbie's music shares an inspiring message of hope and faith in each song.​​​​

Come Take A Listen...
This song is dedicated to those that we loved and miss. I wrote this song for my parents whom have both gone onto to be with Jesus. There is such great comfort in knowing that one day - we will never have to say good-bye again. Heaven will be beautiful in so many ways.